John Bakke

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Publication Date

Spring 2021


The purpose of this study was to examine the impact of yoga on baseball pitching velocity, and the factors that affect throwing velocity such as power, flexibility, speed, and mobility. Thirteen volunteer collegiate baseball pitchers were pre-tested on their power, flexibility, speed, mobility, and throwing velocity. The intervention included a 10-week yoga training, with the goal of three sessions per week. Participants were then post-tested under the same conditions. Analysis included dependent t-tests for each of the fitness assessments, with alpha set at .05 a priori. The group was unable to reach the goal of three yoga sessions per week, averaging 1.92 sessions per week with two participants surpassing the goal of three per week. There were three tests that improved significantly from pre-test to post-test: sit and reach test, v-sit test, and seated medicine ball throw test. The lack of a control group and inability to control other training factors such as weightlifting and baseball practice, led to difficulty isolating the benefits of the yoga program.