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Classroom management is a daunting challenge for educators to implement. Knowing what style works best for an individual requires time that new teachers don’t have early in the school year. This research project evaluates the different types of classroom management Kentucky educators use in their classrooms. Using a mixed method of interviews and surveys, educators from elementary, middle, and high schools share how classroom management differs for each age group. The questions in the surveys and interviews discuss student behavior, parent involvement, previous classroom management training, and individual strategies that different teachers implement in their classrooms. Information from interviews and surveys provides insight into the most effective forms of classroom management. By comparing the similarities and differences in classroom management methods across different ages, incoming educators can better design their classroom management strategies to fit the needs of their students and provide the best learning environment possible. Classrooms effectively managed throughout the day provide more learning opportunities for students, reducing the number of distractions and behavior issues that occur.

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Classroom Management in Kentucky



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