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The Hazel Green Academy (HGA) was a resident- Ial college-preparatory school in Eastern Wolfe County, KY. It was founded in 1880 and remained open until 1983. The academy offered accelerated and STEM courses to prepare their students for college. Over the years, the academy was able to expand and gain amenities that benefited the students and the community. HGA was a private academy, which meant its students were expected to pay for tuition and boarding. This Thank you to the Craft Academy for Excellence in Science and Mathematics for all their support. Special thank you to the Hazel Green Academy Board of Directors for their cooperation and support. Introduction The Hazel Green Academy (HGA) Leadership Team of students from the Craft Academy for Excellence in Science and Mathematics wants to restore the Hazel Green Academy’s campus to its former glory following its closing in 1983. Today only two of the buildings remain useable, and only one is currently in use. The former general store has been converted into the Jot ‘Em Down, a used clothing store, and the administration building houses classrooms and an auditorium. During the time that HGA was open, it provided educational opportunities for students from Appalachia Kentucky and contributed to the community of Hazel Green. The HGA Leadership team strives to rebuild and repurpose the abandoned academy into a community and educational outreach center to benefit the community as it once did. eventually led to their decline in the 1930’s when free public schools began to open in the surrounding community. Over the next half a century the academy struggled as their enrollment dropped, until they finally closed in 1983.

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The Revitalization of Hazel Green Academy



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