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Gestational age describes how far along a woman is in her pregnancy. The importance of having a correct gestational age can aid in determining if there are complications in a pregnancy such as growth restriction or macrosomia. Accurate measurements of fetal anatomy are essential in determining proper fetal growth and gestational age. Primarily, head circumference, bi-parietal diameter, abdomen circumference, femur length, cerebellum, amnionic fluid index and cervical length have been the key parameters to determine GA in an obstetrical ultrasound. The purpose of this study was to measure fetal kidney and sacral length to identify if the data correlated to gestational age and which parameter was most accurate. The results determined if each parameter should be incorporated into daily obstetrical ultrasound exams to determine gestational age.

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The Comparison Between Fetal Kidney and Sacral Length in Determining Gestational Age



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