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How does a P-12 classroom teacher communicate at large with their students or their parents? There are countless ways for teachers to communicate with others. We determined that the more effective route in teacher communication would be an access-key-based Google Classroom, or an open-access teacher website linked directly to their respective school's website. An available, published teacher website allows anyone with internet access to view teacher-proffered information. This information could include their name, email, phone number, short biography, picture, or Google Classroom link. We found that the most effective information to include on a teacher's website would be their name, email, and phone number in order to be reached by anyone who needed to contact them. This study sought to determine to what extent Kentucky's P-12 teachers in its 171 school districts were 1) publishing teacher websites connected to the school web page, 2) including essential elements for clear communication, and 3) Americans with Disability Act (ADA, Section 508) compliant.

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Fundamental or Negligible?: Kentucky P-12 Teacher Websites



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