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In The Diversity of Life, E. O. Wilson tells a tale about how our earth is on track for another extinction event and humans are at fault. Wilson discusses various topics such as environmental preservation, biodiversity and its importance, and how life has evolved over time. Wilson views biodiversity differently than many as he focuses on all species found in the ecosystem rather than narrowing his focus on one. He mentions how new species can be created by groups evolving and developing new skills or existing in new environments. Species are going extinct and being created constantly; these extinctions don't have to be large; they can exist on small scales yet still cause an impact on the entire ecosystem. Wilson goes on to explain that humans have existed for a small period of time yet we are the number one cause of extinction events within species. Ultimately, humans will be the cause of our own downfall as the environment is a reflection and product of human actions.

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The Diversity of Life by E.O. Wilson



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